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so, I thought that it would be nothing but appropriate to have my first entry to my blog about myself (:
I have only recently decided that it would be beneficial to myself to express myself through the use of blogging and other creative outlets that allow ones mind to wonder without the hassle of actually meeting and speaking with someone.

as you have probably guessed, meeting people is not exactly my favourite past time. I find it very difficult in fact. BUT I won’t let that stop me here (:

as i type on my phone to you people, I am currently waiting in a warm, sun filled car for my other half to finish having paper work signed. it’s very hard to understand how his mind works at times..
why he doesn’t have this done on any other day rather than Sunday, is beyond me. but, I shouldn’t complain (:
oh, by the way, his name is Ethan, and he is a doll if I do say so myself. Always smiling and he radiates light.

so, this blog will basically be a summary of me. things I enjoy, things that capture me, things that make me smile, and things that make me frown. Basically, an insight into my confusing, deep brain that is constantly on it’s intense track.